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Memories of Love and Lust

by Vanity Mirror on May 22, 2012

Do you know how many different ways something can be interpreted?  Everyone’s minds work in such a way that is so unique to them, that a simple theme can become so varied when given to a small group of people.  A couple of weeks ago, Cracked sent me a notecard and said I needed to quit being emo about my poses and make something already.  So, since we were in My Attic again at the Deck…here was my chance.

(CM) So I Dance - Prop & Poses
The notecard said the theme was Memories of Love and Lust.  I contemplated a sexytimes couple pose but then I said you know…no.  Let me really think about this and one day I realized I was thinking way too hard.  All I’ve ever wanted to do in my life is be artistic.  I wanted to dance, to sing, write and to draw.  I’ve done all of these things, just never professionally.  So, my memory of love ended up being thoughts of dance class…of dancing for hours and loving it no matter how drenched with sweat I became.  Of simply being in the moment, in the music…and truly happy.  I think dance is beautiful, and I love it.

Cracked took another interpretation, she thought in color.  I think that’s incredibly awesome, so many creative people see color in everything, everyday.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention that everything she creates from the waist down looks really amazing on the toosh.  So, her skirts are a fantastical interpretation of love and lust…and I helped name them!  Both items are only 95L each. *gasp*

We both hope you all like what we’ve come up with for My Attic, all of the items at the event are amazing and we feel very lucky to be in such great company.  So come on by The Deck and shuffle around My Attic so you can dig out all the treasures ♥

My Attic @ The Deck

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WCF New Releases!

by Vanity Mirror on March 1, 2012

So, I have to say I’m excited.  Cracked made things, and I didn’t have to cry and make a big fuss to get her to do it.  This is always a win, and it doesn’t happen often.  WCF started today, and this dress is one of our exclusive items…quite frankly the more important one lol.  There is a bunch of colors to choose from, and we hope that you like it :D

Whore Couture Fair is open until April 1st, and there are some good n sexay things to find there so hope y’all stop by!

Whore Couture Fair

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Bringin’ Sexy Back

by Vanity Mirror on October 30, 2011

Our first new release is the Betty Dress, and ah luh it.  I don’t know what classifies it as a dress though, I’ll have to annoy Cracked about that at some point in time.  Betty is available in several color combinations and other then the zipper prim its all on layers yay!  Combat that lag wherever you go by wearing less clothing :D .  Just a hint of toosh, that’s how we roll.  Don’t give all the goodies away!  Just because Halloween is here doesn’t mean you have to give out all the trick or treats.

Can I just say…I’m pretty sure Cracked likes taking photos of her backside.  Not that I blame her, I’m just saying.  This Mini Jean Skirt is our second super sexy new installment at the store, and I wanted to take a moment to mention we decided to change the store a bit to help combat lag.  So next time you are at (CM), we hope you have a happy rezzing experience!   This skirt comes in quite a few colors and pretty much goes awesomely with every top we have in the store so COME SEE NOW.

Last, but not least…well kind of least, its the teeniest thing we have in the store at the moment.  The Cheerleader Practice Top comes in lots of colors, each with two wearing options.  You can be nippular or smooth!  Where’s that option in RL, I ask.  When Cracked made this top, I suggested the name ‘Boobhugs Top’ but as you can see that was promptly veto’d as she loves to do to me.  I still think that would be a GREAT name for this but I digress.  All of these incredibly sexay pieces can now be picked up at our mainstore!  Hope to see you soon, and bring your nipples

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